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Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers the most common questions customers have. If you’re answer isn’t listed here, we encourage you to review the product manuals page.
Where can I Buy Co2?

Co2 can be purchased from CryoFX® or

You will need a SIPHON Co2 TANK for your CO2 Cannon product to operate properly. Using a standard non-siphon tank will not produce the desired effect you want. Inverting a standard Co2 tank can be used as a last-resort method, however we do not advise this, as it can be dangerous. Please make sure that you ask a Co2 Cannon Representative for information regarding getting Siphoned Co2 Tanks for Cryogenic applications.

How long will the Co2 in my tank last?

Depending on which product you are using, you can achieve approximately 1-2 seconds of use for each pound of your tanks capacity.

For example:

20LB Tank = Approx 40 seconds of co2 smoke special effects output

50LB Tank = Approx 85 seconds of co2 smoke special effects output

75LB Tank = Approx 135 seconds of co2 smoke special effects output

100LB Tank = Approx 165 seconds of co2 smoke special effects output

Actual ouput time may vary. Using your CO2 Cannon product correctly in 3-4 second bursts is always recommended, to avoid freezing internal components.

Can I run 2 CO2 Jets off 1 tank or Multiple CO2 Jet configuration off 1 CO2 Tank?

YES! This is a great way to save money on tanks and fill ups.

Grab one of our Co2 Tank Splitters Here, and you will be ready to run 2 products off a single tank. Ask our Co2 Cannon Experts how to set multiple CO2 Jet Configuration off 1 Co2 Tank with our Custom Co2 Manifolds.

How long does shipping take in the USA?

All products on our website are IN STOCK, and will ship out within 2-3 days your order is placed.

All USA orders over $1000 qualify for free shipping, using UPS ground. Estimated delivery times can be seen by expanding the image on the right. If you would like to upgrade to a faster shipping method, expedited options will be displayed during the checkout process, once you enter the shipping address.

International shipping is offered at a flat rate of $89.99 using USPS Priority Mail, and has a delivery time of 5-10 business days.

How long does it take to engrave a custom logo on my Co2 Cannon?

CO2 Cannon Custom logo service is quick! We can typically get your Cannon engraved, assembled and shipped out the same day your order is placed.

To ensure a quick turnaround, be sure to upload your logo in a high quality format. (Vector is preferred)

The available area for engraving is 11 1/2″ X 1 1/2″. Horizontal logos look best. If your logo is not horizontal, we can use any font you would like to spell your name on the side of the barrel if you wish.

We will email you a mockup showing what your logo will look like on the barrel. Once you approve the mockup VIA email, we get to work on it right away.


How long does international shipping take?

International shipments are sent via USPS Priority Mail.

The estimated delivery time is 5-10 business days. We offer faster expedited shipping.

If you need it sooner, please email us.

How far does the Co2 shoot?

Handheld Cannons = 20-25 foot plume, 2-3 feet wide.

Stationary Mini and Mega CO2 Jets = 15-20 foot plume, 2-3 feet wide and 23-30 foot plumes of smoke, 4-6 feet wide.

The output of the Co2 output can vary, depending on the environment where it is being used.

Humid environments can achieve an even larger plume!

If your question is not answered here, feel free to contact us anytime.
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