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Create a breathtaking visual effect by blasting CO2 jets from CO2 Cannon. Install from a truss, mounted from a wall or the floor. The high-rising plumes will leave your audience gapping and their heart racing in anticipation. Browse and buy CO2 jet machines for your upcoming events and parties.

Co2 Cannon|Co2 Jets Cryo Jets LED Co2 Jets

Features of CO2 Cryo Jet Machine

Co2 Cannon is a renowned US company for CO2 Cryo jet machines and handheld CO2 Cryo Guns. With more than 10 years of experience, we engineer innovative CO2 products and accessories for SPFX and production industries.

Our Cryo jets are used by the world’s biggest artists, events, festivals, and theatrical productions. We ship CO2 jets to the USA, Mexico, Canada and many other parts of the world.

Add Extra Spark to Live Events with LED CO2 Cannon Machines

When it comes to elevating the excitement and energy at live events, the impact of LED CO2 cannons can’t be contested. At CO2 Cannon, we supply cutting-edge LED CO2 jet machines to captivate your audience and create unforgettable moments.

Do not think, rethink and place an order for your next event. We stand by the special effects of the cryo jet CO2 machines. From private events to corporate parties, our products are loved industry-wide.

Rent CO2 Jet Machines

Leverage the power of CO2 special effects by renting CO2 jets.

At CO2 Cannon, you can rent CO2 jet cannons for nightclubs, DJ nights, and music concert stages, event planning, and organizers looking to add more spark and spunk to their events.

Our experienced team can guide you in choosing the right CO2 jet for your specific event needs. Feel free to connect with us for more questions via [email protected] or 929-269-2266.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are CO2 jet machines?

CO2 jet machines release a burst of cold, white, smoke-like vapor using liquid carbon dioxide. They are used to enhance the overall atmosphere of the event by integrating with music and lights.

Where can I use the CO2 jet guns?

CO2 jets produce special effects that can take you into an altogether new era. They are versatile and used across the marketplace including stage productions, sporting events, film festivals and live performances.

Can I fire the CO2 jet gun in any direction?

Yes, absolutely. Vertically downwards or upwards or even horizontally. All you have to do is set them up on the stage or rigged to a truss.

What comes with a CO2 jet kit?

Every CO2 jet machine comes with several components, including

  • CO2 Jet
  • Power cord or adapter
  • Truss clamp
  • DMX
  • CO2 hose
  • CO2 attachment tool
  • CO2 washers
Is it compatible with any other gas?

No CO2 jets work with liquid CO2 gas cylinders. Do not fuel it with helium, nitrogen, argon, or any other gas.