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Handheld Co2 Cannons And Hoses

Best Handheld CO2 Cannons for Sale

Take your events to another level with CO2 Special effects. Our handheld CO2 cannon hose creates a burst of cold, dense fog that can go upto 2-3 feet. Commonly used for creating special effects in entertainment events, Halloween parties, live performances and weddings.

Co2 Cannon|Handheld Co2 Cannons And Hoses

Features of Handheld CO2 Cannon Machine

Co2 Cannon has been at the forefront of the Special FX industry for over 10 years. From new product designs to full systems, custom applications and more, we supply top-tier CO2 products and accessories for SPFX and production industries.
Buy a handheld CO2 cannon today and get free shipping on orders of more than 100 dollars. We ship orders to the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America and internationally.

How Hand-Operated CO2 Cannon Fog Machine Works

A CO2 cannon machine is designed to release frozen or liquid carbon dioxide into the air. When the CO2 gas is injected, it expands and transitions into vapor resulting in the condensation of ambient moisture. Please note the fog-like effect lasts for a few seconds. The CO2 guns are commonly employed in live concerts, theatrical performances, and other events to craft captivating atmospheric experiences.

Safe Handheld CO2 Cannon Fog Machines

Handheld CO2 cannons, also known as CO2 cryo guns, are fun but safety shouldn’t be compromised. Here are some pro tips for event organizers and planners:
We stand by the quality and safety of our handheld CO2 fog machines. Feel free to connect with us for more questions via [email protected] or 929-269-2266.

Handheld CO2 Cannon Rentals

Elevate your next event with handheld CO2 cannon rentals. Our CO2 cannons are designed for SFX professionals. When you partner with us, expect
  • Top-of-the-line, well-maintained CO2 equipment from the USA
  • Quality-tested CO2 products
  • Flexible rental options ( Rent for hours, days or project basis)
  • Reliable and fast US delivery
Contact us today to inquire about availability, pricing, and expert advice on handheld CO2 cannon rentals. Let us make your event an unforgettable experience with the power of CO2 Cannon.


What are handheld CO2 cannons?
Handheld CO2 cannons are gun-like devices that release bursts of carbon dioxide vapor, creating visually stunning plumes. They are commonly used in creating special effects at events, parties, and live performances.
Are handheld CO2 fog machines safe?
Generally, the CO2 fog machine is safe if used as per the manufacturer’s instructions. However, humans can make mistakes. We recommend caution when handling CO2 cannons and cylinder ranks in confined spaces.
What kind of output is expected of a handheld CO2 cannon hose?
Typically, handheld CO2 guns can produce a 20-25 foot plume, 2-3 feet wide. The Co2 output can vary, depending on the environment where it is being used.
Is it heavy to carry around?
No, handheld CO2 cannon machines generally weigh 1.2 kg only. They are light in weight and can be transported anywhere.
What should be the size of the CO2 cylinder tank?

We recommend using a 20lb ( Approx 40 seconds of co2 smoke special effects output) or 50 lb tank ( Approx 85 seconds of co2 smoke special effects output) with CO2 cannons.

You will get approximately 1 second of spray for each pound of your tank capacity. If you have questions about getting a CO2 tank or need advice, we are just a call away.

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