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Best Stationary Co2 Cannon

Light up your gatherings with our high-performing stationary Co2 cannons. For over a decade, Co2 Cannon has led the Special FX industry. Designed to bring a unique and mesmerizing experience to any event.

Add magic to stage productions, nightclubs, live shows, concerts, haunted houses, and special events.

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Co2 Cannon|Best Stationary CO2 Cannon Jets

Features of Stationary Co2 Cannon

We offer a range of top-tier Co2 products and accessories. We specialize in new designs, full systems, custom applications, and more, catering to SPFX and production industries. Our cans ensure:

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Most Convenient Installation of Stationary Co2 Cannon

Easy installation is why the world’s biggest artists, events, festivals, and theatrical productions use stationary Co2 cannons. You just have to

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Operating Mechanism of Stationary Co2 Cannon Fog Machine

The Co2 cannon machine releases frozen or liquid carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As the Co2 gas expands and transforms into vapor, it causes the condensation of surrounding moisture, creating a fog-like effect that lasts for a brief duration.

Typically, people use Co2 cannons in live concerts, theatrical performances, and various events. Craft a captivating atmospheric experience with Co2 guns from our wide collection.

Safe Stationary Co2 Cannon Fog Machines

Gone are the days when you had to choose fun over safety. Our Co2 cannons are absolutely safe to use. Ensure the following pro tips:
  • Secure Ventilation:- Proper ventilation prevents gas accumulation, maintaining a safe environment.

  • Proper Installation:- Place it on a stable surface, secure all connections, and double-check hose fittings to prevent leaks.

  • Co2 Source Handling:- If handling Co2 gas cylinders, exercise caution. Secure cylinders in an upright position and never tamper with safety valves.

  • Emergency Preparedness:- Shut off the Co2 cannon fog machine in case of malfunctions or emergencies. Keep fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment accessible.

  • Audience Safety:- Position the Co2 cannon fog machine away from direct contact with the audience.


How long does the fog effect last?
The Co2 cannon fog effect typically lasts for a few seconds only. But, it offers a very impactful atmospheric enhancement that makes your event the talk of the town.
Are stationary Co2 cannon fog machines available for rent?

Yes! We offer rental cannon machines for your event needs. Contact us to discuss the availability, pricing, and specific requirements for your unique occasion.

How long will the Co2 in my tank last?

The duration of Co2 usage depends on the specific product you are using, providing approximately 1-2 seconds of use per pound of your tank’s capacity.

For instance –

  • 20LB Tank = Approximately 40 seconds of Co2 smoke special effects output
  • 50LB Tank = Approximately 85 seconds of Co2 smoke special effects output
  • 75LB Tank = Approximately 135 seconds of Co2 smoke special effects output
  • 100LB Tank = Approximately 165 seconds of Co2 smoke special effects output

Actual output time may vary. We recommend using your Co2 cannon products in 3-4 second bursts to prevent freezing internal components.

Is it necessary for Co2 tanks to be in an upright position?
Yes! Always keep gas cylinders secured in an upright position. Ensure that your gas cylinder is never placed sideways or upside down, and avoid any tilting, even if minimal.
Can we order longer hoses?

Yes! We custom manufacture hoses for

  • Co2 Hose Length 15FT
  • Co2 Hose Length 25FT
  • Co2 Hose Length 35FT
  • Co2 Hose Length 50FT